Yuuto Nutrition Announces The Launch Of “DEFENCE – Immunity Booster”

Yuuto® DEFENCE Immunity Booster

Leading providers of health and wellness products, Yuuto Nutrition, announces the addition of another product – “DEFENCE – Immunity Booster” to the Yuuto Nutrition family

Yuuto Nutrition has again reiterated their goal of helping tons of people in different parts of the globe to achieve good health, ease illnesses, and defy ageing with the launch of their latest product – the “DEFENCE – Immunity Booster.” The product is formulated with ingredients that have been identified to help enhance the body’s immune system by boosting the defence mechanisms.

Getting all of the nutrients you need simply cannot be done without supplements,” said Daniela Anton, Co-Founder of Yuuto Nutrition.

The ravaging COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to have a strong immune system. Unfortunately, one can hardly argue that the immune system of millions of people worldwide cannot be compared with what was obtainable some decades ago. From environmental pollution to the consumption of unhealthy and unbalanced food, the body system has come under constant attack in recent times, which has further weakened the immune system. While several wellness products have been formulated over the years to help people boost their immune system, many such products are often chemical-laden and fail to deliver the desired results. However, Yuuto Nutrition seems to have found the right combination of ingredients to deliver the perfect immune booster to consumers, as the company launches Defence.

My supplements are similar to my training – I always commit to being a better version of myself,” said Marius Anton, Founder.

Over the years, Yuuto Nutrition has delivered dozens of science-based nutritional and skincare products to support the beauty, health, and wellness goals of consumers. Defence is following in the tradition, as the Immunity Booster 10x mushroom complex provides the needed support for the protective fibers around the nerves in the brain for improved cognition, clarity, and memory.

Purported benefits of Defence include strengthening the body’s immune system, supporting stress and fatigue reduction, and providing polysaccharides to increase the activity and impact of natural killer cells and macrophages. The immune booster has also been identified to enhance mental focus and deliver enzymes to support digestion and absorption of nutrients.

For more information about DEFENCE – Immunity Booster and other products from Yuuto Nutrition, please visit – https://www.yuuto.co.uk/.

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Yuuto Nutrition was founded to deliver products formulated specifically for the health needs of men and women. The company partners with leaders in the most important nutritional health areas, including genomics, mental health, and emotional well-being, weight management, and immunology to help people achieve good health.


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